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Erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition. We are here to help you.

Mutluluk Çubuğu


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 What is Penile implant (Penile prostheses or Mutluluk Çubuğu)?
What is Penile implant (Penile prostheses or Mutluluk Çubuğu)?

Penile prostheses or penile implants, called or mutluluk çubuğu among the general public, are the last and permanent treatment option for impotence in men with erectile dysfunction, non-surgical treatments, vacuum devices, and in cases where no response is obtained in the last injection treatment. Since this treatment is irreversible, it is essential for patients to talk to their doctors about the advantages and possible disadvantages of this treatment and to be convinced.
This surgery can be explained as replacing spongy tissue (corpora cavernosum) in the penis with hard or inflatable cylinders with a surgery lasting approximately 1 hour. In all penile prostheses, surgically implanted prostheses are completely hidden within the body. On the outside, it’s completely incomprehensible. Men who wear chopsticks can have as much sexual intercourse as they want.

How many types of penile prostheses (mutluluk çubuğu) are there?
How many types of penile prostheses are there?

There are three types of a penile prosthesis, each of different diameters and lengths.

* Malleable Single-Piece Penile Prosthetics (Rigi10 Malleable) (which ensure a permanent erection)

* Two-Piece Penile Prosthetics (Semi-Hard Penile Prosthetics)
* Three-Piece Inflatable Prosthetics 

Three-Piece Inflatable prostheses are also divided into two.

  • Only transversely expanding three-piece inflatable prostheses.
  • Transverse and longitudinally expandable three-piece inflatable prostheses
How is penile prosthesis surgery performed?

The surgical approach depends on which type of prosthesis is used, the patient’s history, and the surgeon’s preference. During surgery under anesthesia, the 3-piece inflatable penile prosthesis is placed through an incision on the penis, in the lower abdomen, and scrotum. Meanwhile, a thin, flexible tube (catheter) is placed in the urinary tract and bladder for a short time to empty the urine.
Usually, a small surgical incision is made either at the junction of the abdominal tissue and the penis or below the boundary where the scrotum meets the penis. In this procedure, no tissue is removed and blood loss is usually very low. That’s why you almost never need a blood transfusion. On the same day of surgery, patients can go home or stay overnight in the hospital. This may vary from physician to physician and according to hospital procedures. This operation takes about an hour to complete.
Pain, swelling, or bruising may occur for approximately 2-4 weeks after penile prosthesis implantation. In these cases, your doctor may start you on a painkiller. Patients may have sexual intercourse 4-6 weeks after prosthetic surgery if approved by the physician.
Neither the prosthesis worn nor the surgery performed for this purpose affects the enjoyment of sexual intercourse, orgasm, or ejaculation in patients. The patient can engage in sexual activity as before and can have children. Penile prostheses increase hardening in the penis but do not routinely prolong the penis.


How much does a penile implant cost? / Does insurance cover this treatment?

The cost of penis prostheses may vary depending on the prosthesis that suits you, hospital choice, and the number of days you stay after surgery. The scope of health care and the cost of treatment varies depending on the situation. However, the scope of SSI can also be partially benefited for this operation. Because most cases of erectile dysfunction usually have another disorder behind them. To get better information on this issue and determine whether the prescribed treatments for erectile dysfunction are covered by insurance, it is best to contact the product provider company individually.

What is Penile Vascularization Surgery? What are the Success Rates?

In cases where the result cannot be achieved with the above-mentioned non-surgical treatment options, another type of treatment is applied, which is the surgical solution. One of these surgeries is called penile vascularization treatment. In this intervention, the pathway of the vessels is changed and directed to the penis. So, it can be called as a kind of bypass surgery for penis. This treatment is successful in a very limited person. It is not easy for him to administer this treatment in every patient. Young patients with no diseases such as diabetes and hypertension have a slightly better chance of success. However, after this surgery, many of the patients are treated again with the indication of penile prosthesis surgery.

A second type of surgery is surgery performed in cases where the hardness of the penis cannot be maintained, that is, in cases of venous leakage. The success of these surgeries, called Derindorsagvendi, is also very limited. Especially in young patients, there is a chance of success, but when applied to every patient with indication, the chances of success are not very high.

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Mutluluk Çubuğu (Penile Prosthesis) at a Glance

The table below contains a comparison of the 3 types of penile prosthesis.

  • Single Piece (Malleable Penile Prosthesis)
  • Three piece X (Inflatable Penile Prosthesis)
  • Three piece AX (Anatomical Expansion with Inflatable Penile Prosthesis)
Expand in girth No Yes Yes
Expand in girth and length No No Yes
Hydrophilic coating Yes Yes Yes
Flexibility Partial* Yes Yes
Concealability Yes Yes Yes
Inflatable No Yes Yes
Pump No Yes Yes
Reservoir No Yes Yes
Free Consultation* Yes Yes Yes
Warranty* Limetime Lifetime Lifetime

* Flexible Rod Technology™ enables the rod to reach a bending angle of up to 135 degrees while simulating a more natural erection feeling.  
* You can get free information about all penile prosthesis from our patient consultants 24/7.
* The warranty period and details are provided according to the conditions in the instructions for use (IFU) of each prosthesis.


The penile prosthesis can generally be called penile prosthesis in society. A penile prosthesis is an intra-body prosthesis that is surgically placed into the penis in people with erectile dysfunction. People who want to have penile prosthesis should have applied step-up treatments by a urologist before and could not get any response from them. A penile prosthesis is applied after non-surgical step treatments such as an erection pill, vacuum device, injection therapy.


A penile prosthesis is inserted into the penis by a urologist after a short surgery. This surgery can be explained as the replacement of the spongy tissue (corpora cavernosal) located in the penis organ with the penile prosthesis with rigid or inflatable cylinders with an operation that lasts for an average / approximately one hour.


Since penile prostheses, which are called penile prostheses, are completely inside the body, it cannot be understood from the outside that there is penile prosthesis in the body. A penile prosthesis is completely inside the body and is completely hidden since doctors are surgically implanted. Those who wear prostheses to the penile can have sexual intercourse whenever they want.


The penile prosthesis has different sizes and diameters. The decision of these during the operation is made by the urologist. Basically, there are 3 types of a penile prosthesis.


One-piece penile prosthesis (135 degrees bending feature), which is partially hard in permanent erection


Semi-hard penile prosthesis. It consists of 2 parts.


This type of penile prosthesis is divided into two. While the first can be expanded transversely, the second can be expanded both transversely and longitudinally.


Penile prosthesis surgery is performed by a urologist surgeon. The surgical approach of this surgery may vary depending on which type of penile prosthesis is attached, the patient’s history, and the surgeon’s choice. This operation is performed under anesthesia. For example, a three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis is placed inside the body through a small incision made on the penis, in the lower abdomen, and scrotum. In the meantime, a thin, flexible tube catheter is placed in the urinary tract or bladder for a short time in order to expel and discharge the urine comfortably.


A penile prosthesis may vary depending on the type of prosthesis most suitable for the patient, the hospital where the surgery was performed, and the time (days) you stayed in the hospital after surgery. Penile prosthesis health care may vary depending on its scope and cost of treatment. In addition, penile prosthesis surgery may be covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK / SSK / Bağkur, etc.) depending on the situation. The reason for this is that people with many erectile dysfunctions usually have other ailments. In such cases, SSI can make partial payments depending on the situation. It will be the best method to contact the product provider company individually to get better information on these and similar issues, to find out whether the prescribed treatments for erectile dysfunction are paid by which insurance and how much is paid.

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